PROTEIN&CO protein powders are sourced from the highest quality of ingredients offering you the best value for your money. PROTEIN&CO’s protein powders help to build, repair and maintain lean muscle tissue, perfect for gaining muscle mass or maintaining your shape.

Benefits of Protein shakes and supplements
Protein is key to the contribution of growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. If you’re looking to build muscle, maintain lean muscle or you’re simply on a calorie controlled diet and you want to increase your protein intake, PROTEIN&CO’s protein powders are perfect for you.

For the sport enthusiasts, protein shakes and supplements are a great way to actively engage the body with more protein than what you can consume via food alone. Protein shake’s are high in pure protein, low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar, making them a great supplement to help achieve your body goals.
For the health conscious, the typical on the go lifestyle can sometimes make it difficult for people to consume nutritious meals at the right time, so protein shakes and supplements can also be consumed by everyone as a meal replacement or snack between meals throughout the day to get the nutrients you need.

Protein and exercise
Protein is made up of amino acids and is key to the recovery process of muscles. When exercising, you are actually breaking and ripping into your muscle fibers. When this happens, your body is very quick to repair these minor injuries whilst strengthening the muscle fibers to increase performance the next time your body is submitted to the same level of stress. This alone explains why it’s important to consume enough protein on a daily basis.

How much protein should you take?
A general idea is that sportsmen should have between 1.2 and 1.7 grams of protein per Kg of body weight per day.


Increasing lean muscle mass
If your goal is to increase your muscle mass in size and shape, then protein and extra calories are the way forward!

To achieve this goal, additional calories and protein are vital and so protein shakes and supplements are an easy and convenient way to help increase your food intake ensuring your body gets the calories and nutrients it needs to put on size.

To increase muscle mass, aside from exercise, you need to consider how you are fuelling your body, here are some hints and tips below to ensure you are on track;

Protein: To build lean muscle, protein is needed. To supply your body with high quality protein for muscle growth, you need approx. 1.2 -1.7grams of PROTEIN&CO whey protein per kg of body weight daily.

Carbohydrates: To increase in size, aim for increasing quality calories, try consuming healthy carbohydrates which are slow in releasing energy with a low GI (Glycemic Index) such as oats for your breakfast or as an evening snack.

Fats: As with carbohydrates, to increase size ensure that your diet has a focus on healthy, essential fats such as omega 369 fish oils, and incorporate items such as 100% pure peanut butter and flaxseed for the best sources of healthy fat.

Anything else? PROTEIN&CO’s Creatine Monohydrate promotes mass gain and helps to improve recovery and performance, helping you train harder for longer also.


Want to excel at sport and increase your sports performance? PROTEIN&CO’s supplements can play a key role in ensuring optimum nutrition required to perform at your best.

Regardless of your sport, fuel is a vital role and so ensure you incorporate the below into your diet;

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrate is the body’s primary source of energy. 4g-10g of carbohydrates per Kilogram of bodyweight is recommended on a daily basis. Try consuming PROTEIN&CO oats for your breakfast, and to recover from an intense match, race or even training session, carbohydrates should be consumed immediately afterwards, so try a protein shake with added oats.

Protein: Protein shakes are essential to keep your protein intake high and also help the growth and recovery of muscles after a training session or sport performance. We recommend consuming PROTEIN&CO whey protein alongside your diet.

Hydration: Lastly, hydration is a vital aspect, ensure that you consume at least 2 litres of water per day, with extra fluid consumed during training. Without this, dehydration can really affect your power and endurance.


The principle of weight loss is basic: to eat fewer calories than your body burns. But we aren’t talking about eating hardly anything, we are talking about being smart with what and when you consume meals whilst exercising. Below are some hints and tips on how to achieve or promote weight loss;

Protein: If you’re trying to drop body fat and show lean muscle, it is essential that protein intake is adequate. If protein intake is too low, the body will go into a catabolic state and burn muscle. We recommend consuming PROTEIN&CO diet whey shake as a meal replacement for one of your meals per day or as an afternoon snack to curb cravings.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are essential for energy, most people tend to cut out carbohydrates when trying to achieve weight loss, instead, opt for low GI low carbohydrates such as oats and brown rice to sustain energy levels throughout the day.

Fats: Excessive fat intake should be limited, however, essential fat intake should not be reduced as it can actually aid fat loss. Good sources of fat are PROTEIN&CO CLA and omega 369 softgels – both of which, despite being fatty acids, actually help to reduce body fat.

Fat Loss Supplements:
Combining the above elements with a thermogenic fat loss supplement such as PROTEIN&CO Fat Burners can help achieve higher and quicker fat loss when combining with a balanced diet and training regime.

Regular meals: Regular meals can help to control appetite as well as reducing overeating later in the day. Regular meals also give the body a constant supply of the nutrients it needs. Try consuming three – five meals per day, using PROTEIN&CO diet whey as one of them

Exercising: Cardiovascular exercise (either long duration at a low intensity or interval training) should be incorporated into a training plan to increase burning of calories.

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