Weight Loss Collection


300.00 AED

Diet Whey Protein

Key Features
GMO Free
No artificial colourings and only natural flavourings
Over 37g of whey protein per serving
Includes 14 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
Strong amino acid Acetyl L Carnitine and Green Tea
Low carbohydrate content
Aids in weight loss and muscle repair

Mega Green Tea Extract Tablets

Key Features

GMO Free
Gluten Free and suitable for Diabetics
A highly concentrated form of Green Tea Extract
A source of EGCG Polyphenols 98% total (antioxidant)
Equivalent of 8-9 cups of green tea per capsule
Helps to increase energy levels, reduce fat mass and reduce cholesterol


CLA Tablets

Key Features
GMO Free
Gluten Free and suitable for Diabetics
Easy to swallow capsule
Derived from Safflower oil
Help support weight loss
Perfect to use with the Diet Whey Protein
Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Protein Shaker

20.00 AED

Perfect for on-the-go
Wire ball blender does the work for you
Totally sealable for 'drip free' blending
Ideal substitute for an electric blender

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The Weight Loss Collection has been created to offer supreme nutrition through selected products for an individual who is on a weight loss programme.

Weight Loss Collection consists of:

Diet Whey Protein: Our Diet Whey Protein  is a  low calorie, high protein shake which is ideal for keeping you feeling fuller for longer. The shake will help enhance growth and recovery of muscles post workout. Diet Whey includes two potent ingredients that can help support fat loss and will increase energy levels by burning fat for energy. The added Oats are a healthy source of low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates providing a sustained energy release which help to maintain normal blood sugar levels. The 14 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Green Tea and Acetyl L Carnitine will help you feel full so can be used as a snack, meal replacement or post workout shake.

Mega Green Tea Extract Tablets: Mega Green Tea Extract is produced from the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis and is used to support health and wellbeing. Regular green tea consumption is reputed to increase energy levels, reduce fat mass, lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce total cholesterol and lower density lipoprotein levels.

Mega Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols (a bioflavonoid), and it is also a source of EGCG (antioxidant). It is a highly concentrated form of Green Tea Extract, with the equivalent of 8-9 cups of green tea per capsule.

CLA Tablets: CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) capsules are a naturally occurring fatty acid derived from Safflower oil. CLA has been shown to increase fat loss and lean muscle gain. It is naturally found in in dairy and meat products, however the amounts are low and in order to support body composition goals it should be consumed by supplementation.


Diet Whey Protein: Add two large scoops (58g) to 250-350ml of water or milk in your shaker. (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be).

We recommend 1-2 servings daily. One in the morning and the other after exercise or in between meals.

Mega Green Tea Extract Tablets: 
Consume 1-2 tablets, 1-3 time daily. Best taken with food.

CLA Tablets:
Consume 2 softgels, 1-3 time daily. Best taken with food.


Please see individual product pages for details.

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