PROTEIN&CO. is a UAE based online protein and supplement brand providing quality sports nutrition and a range of health products.

PROTEIN&CO.’s aim is to help everyone from the body conscious gym-goers, aspiring or professional athletes and even busy health mindful families achieve a better nutritional diet or lifestyle which is affordable and convenient within the UAE.


PROTEIN&CO. are going back to the basics with SIMPLE. QUALITY. NUTRITION.

There’s no need to be confused, standing in a shop looking at numerous nutrition products not knowing which one to buy, or knowing how it will benefit you. There’s all these signs, words and marketing slogans that leave many customers being unaware or not knowing what to buy. PROTEIN&CO. is making this choice easier, simpler and more effective for you.

We want to help you understand and educate you how to effectively incorporate our products into your lifestyle for the long term, improving your health, fitness and wellbeing. Our products will help you reach your goals whatever they may be!


“I found there wasn’t an option to buy simple, high quality protein or supplements in the UAE that were affordable, great tasting and convenient to buy, this inspired me to start PROTEIN&CO.” – Dominic Deevey

An athlete with a boxing career spanning over 12 years within the UK, Dominic represented England, won Four Nations Gold Medal, competed in various boxing championships and was even selected for the Great Britain team assessments.

From competing in the sport since the age of 10, Dominic ultimately generated a great passion for fitness and nutrition and with studying a National Diploma in Sports Science, he soon found the need for nutrition and health supplements in helping improve sport performance and essential body function. It was an unfortunate shoulder injury leading to surgery which caused Dominic to stop his boxing path but instead, turn to a new entrepreneurial business opportunity within the UAE.

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PROTEIN&CO. is based in Dubai, UAE and specialise in protein and supplements to support you and provide the extra nutrition you need, we provide Omega 3, Weight loss diet protein, Whey Protein, CLA, Creatine, Fat burners and healthy snacks.